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  • JASP FY15 Project Proposals - Deadline January 31, 2014
  • JASP FY15 Project Proposals - Deadline January 31, 2014

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Aircraft Survivability Journal Archives

Aircraft Survivability Journal Summer 2014 Graphic

Summer 2014

"Aircraft Survivability"
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  • Fighter Aircraft Survivability – A Perspective
  • Integrated Aircraft and Crew Protection
  • Excellence in Survivability—Donna Egner
  • Excellence in Survivability—Dave Legg
  • NDIA Live Fire Test and Evaluation (LFT&E) Workshop
  • Computer Simulation of a Running Aircraft Engine Impacted by a Missile with Warhead
  • If It Ain’t Broke... Try to Make It Better?
  • The Survivability Technical Committee


Aircraft Survivability Journal Spring 2014 Graphic

Spring 2014

"Propulsion Survivability"
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  • Large Engine Vulnerability To Manpads
  • F135 Propulsion System Live Fire Test (LFT)
  • Excellence In Survivability—Dr. Mark Robeson
  • Lessons Learned From Live Fire Test And Evaluation (LFT&E)
  • Pt6a Engine Vulnerability
  • Lightweight Integrally Armored Helicopter Floor
  • An Optimal Conceptual Design Of A Missile Warning System (MWS)
  • Rase Experiments Improve Aircraft Survivability


Fall 2013 Issue

Fall 2013

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  • Computer-Aided Design Geometries and Ballistic Vulnerability Analyses
  • Development of Multiple Impact Transparent Armor Systems
  • Integrated Battleforce Survivability: Building a Better Mousetrap
  • Excellence in Survivability — Chad Ryther
  • Operational Evaluation of Air Combat Effectiveness
  • Physics-based Models for Infrared (IR) Countermeasures
  • A Potential Aircraft Casualty Evaluation Approach for Live Fire Test and Evaluation (LFT&E)
  • Critical Component Protection (CCP) Increased Vulnerability Reduction for Rotorcraft


Summer 2013 Issue

Summer 2013

"Susceptibility Reduction"
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  • Challenges in Integrated Aircraft Survivability Equipment (IASE)
  • Rugged, High Transmission Infrared (IR) Fiber Cables for IR Countermeasures (IRCM)
  • Integrated Aircraft Survivability Equipment Technology Demonstration Program (IASE TDP)
  • Acoustic Situational Awareness for Survivability
  • Excellence in Survivability — Ronald Tucker
  • The cASe for Meeting the Challenges of Integrating Aircraft Survivability
  • Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator (JMR-TD) Mission Systems Effectiveness Trades and Analyses
  • National Defense Industrial Association's (NDIA) Combat Survivability Division (CSD) Annual Symposium & Awards Ceremony 2012


Spring 2013 Issue

Spring 2013

"Crew and Passenger Survivability"
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  • Casualty Assessment and Reduction — At the 5-Year Mark
  • Occupant casualty M&S
  • Soldier First... A New Paradigm in Ground Vehicle Design with an Emphasis on Survivability
  • Practical Approach to an Integrated Survivability Assessment
  • Excellence in Survivability — Dennis Williams
  • Aircrew Combat Survivability and Civilian Aircraft Cabin Safety: Exploring and Extending Our Common Ground
  • Crew Compartment Fire Survivability Testing


Fall 2012 Issue

Fall 2012

"Survivability Assessment and Vulnerability Reduction"
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  • Today's Challenges of Aircraft Survivability Modeling & Simulation (M&S)
  • The SURVIAC Vulnerability Tool Kit
  • Excellence In Survivability — Timothy D. Staley
  • Modeling Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RPG) Effects in Rotorcraft Analysis
  • Integrated Survivability Assessment
  • Fire Simulation Model Development and Testing
  • The Use of LS-DYNA Threat Models in Performing Pretest Predictions
  • Predictive Terminal Ballistics for Fragments and Projectiles
  • Vulnerability Reduction (VR) Overview and Recent JASP Investments
  • Green On Board Inert Gas Generating System (GOBIGGS)
  • P-8A Wing Leading and Trailing Edge Fire Suppression System
  • Excellence In Survivability — Dennis Bely
  • Improvements of Opaque Armors Through Material Treatments and System Architectures
  • Improved Rotorcraft Fuel Line Fire Protection / VR Firetrace's Fire Protection System (FPS) Optimization
  • Advances in Transparent Armor Solutions for Small Arms Threats
  • Self Contained Fire Protection System (FPS)
  • Enhanced Powder Panel (EPP) Passive Fire
  • Passive Fire Protection Technique Update


Spring 2011 Issue

Spring 2012

"Live Fire Test and Evaluation and Joint Live Fire"
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  • News Notes
  • JCAT Corner
  • Joint Live Fire — Aircraft Systems (JLF-AIR)
  • JSF Full Up System Level Testing
  • CH-53K Live Fire Test and Evaluation
  • Excellence in Survivability — Martin N. Krammer
  • Live Fire Testing a Legacy Wing
  • NDIA Aircraft Survivability Symposium


Fall 2011 Issue

Fall 2011

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  • News Notes
  • JCAT Corner
  • MANPADS Threat Model Development
  • Large Engine Vulnerability to MANPADS
  • Combining Safety and Survivability for Future Spacefaring
  • Excellence in Survivability — William Keithley
  • V50 versus V0 Armor Measurements and Modeling
  • Aircraft Survivability for Counter-insurgencies
  • Aircraft Combat Reporting — Forward Deployed Success
  • Dale Atkinson Receives Arthur Stein Award
  • Survivability Short Course
  • USAF Combat Damage Incident Reporting: Improving the Process


Summer 2011 Issue

Summer 2011

"Crashworthiness & Personnel Casualties"
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  • News Notes
  • JCAT Corner
  • Full Spectrum Crashworthiness for Rotorcraft
  • Deployable Energy Absorber for Improved Rotorcraft Crashworthiness
  • Excellence in Survivability—Kevin Crosthwaite
  • Lightweight, High Performance Aircraft Fuel Bladders
  • Investigating Crew Compartment Fire Survivability
  • Evolving Complexity in Rotorcraft Survivability Analyses
  • Flight Simulation of Damaged Transport Aircraft
Spring 2009 Issue

Spring 2011

"Vulnerability Reduction"
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  • News Notes
  • JCAT Corner
  • Survivability Assessments—The Fire Prediction Model
  • Integrally Armored Helicopter Floor
  • Helicopter Hostile Fire Indicator Test Facility
  • Excellence in Survivability—John J. Murphy, Jr.
  • 2010 NDIA CSD Aircraft Survivability Awards and Presentations
  • Aircrew and Aircraft Occupant Vulnerability Demonstration
  • Today's IRCM Systems: Smarter Than Us?
  • AH-64D Apache Longbow Helicopter Live Fire Ballistic Vulnerability Testing
Spring 2009 Issue

Fall 2010

"Susceptibility Reduction"
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  • News Notes
  • JCAT Corner
  • An Introduction to Susceptibility Reduction
  • Competitive Prototyping for Infrared Countermeasures
  • Sustaining Survivability in Legacy Electronic Warfare Systems
  • DHS Counter-MANPADS Programs
  • Selecting a New Camouflage Paint for the CH-47F
  • Going Beyond ASE: Aircraft Survivability and EW/ DCGS—Enterprise
  • Excellence in Survivability—Frank Barone
  • Pioneer in Survivability—Terry L. Dougherty
  • Analyzing Countermeasures with Real-time, Complex Scene Simulation
Spring 2009 Issue

Summer 2010

"Rotorcraft Survivability"
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  • News Notes
  • JCAT Corner
  • Are We Doing Enough to Enhance the Survivability of Rotary
    Wing Aircraft?
  • Study on Rotorcraft Survivability
  • LFT&E Oversight for UH-60M Black Hawk Program
  • AH-1Z and UH-1Y: Designed for Survivability
  • V-22 Integrated Survivability Design Approach
  • Excellence in Survivability—Mark A. Couch
  • CH-53K Heavy Lift Helicopter—A Survivability Focused Design
Spring 2009 Issue

Spring 2010

"Live Fire Test and Evaluation"
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  • News Notes
  • JCAT Corner
  • F-35 Live Fire Test: Full-Up Systems Level Testing
  • JSF Live Fire Test—Pilot-in the Loop Simulator Testing
  • One-of-a-Kind Testing at NAWCWD Means More Survivable Aircraft
  • Arcing Survivability
  • Excellence in Survivability—Robert E. Walther
  • 2009 NDIA CSD Aircraft Survivability Awards and Presentations
  • Simple Automatic Fire Suppressions
  • Joint Cargo Aircraft Hydrodynamic Ram LFT&E
  • Joint Cargo Aircraft LFT&E Program
Spring 2009 Issue

Fall 2009

"Survivability Modeling & Simulation"
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  • News Notes
  • JCAT Corner
  • Management of Modeling & Simulation
  • Survivability Models and Simulations: Past, Present, and Future
  • Next Generation Air Defense Artillery Modeling and Simulation
  • Aircraft Combat Occupant Casualty Workshop
  • SURVIAC—The Leader in the Survivability/Vulnerability
    Modeling Community
  • A SECAD Update
  • Excellence in Survivability—Patrick J. O’Connell
  • COVART 6: Modularization of Vulnerability Models
Spring 2009 Issue

Summer 2009

"Survivability in the Low Altitude Regime"
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  • News Notes
  • JCAT Corner
  • Survivability in the Low Altitude Regime—MANPADS Miss
    Distance Assessment
  • PRISM/MSD Design, Complete Custom Test
  • A Strategy for Assessing Airborne Electronic Attack
    Platform Survivability
  • LS-DYNA Models of Selected Guided and Unguided Threats
  • Relationship between Lower Explosive Limit and Ullage
    Combustion Reactions
  • Excellence in Survivability—Dr. T.N. Mikel
  • Annual NDIA Survivability Awards Presented at Aircraft
    Survivability 2008
  • The Educator’s Corner—Single Hit Vulnerable Area
Spring 2009 Issue

Spring 2009

"Reducing Aircraft Combat Casualties"
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  • News Notes
  • JCAT Corner
  • Reducing Aircraft Combat Casualties
  • The JASPO Casualty Assessment Initiative
  • Full Spectrum Crashworthiness Criteria
  • Crashworthiness—An Army Science and Technology Perspective
  • DESCENT's Contribution to Rotocraft Vulnerability Analysis
  • Excellence in Survivability—Charles E. Frankenberger III
  • Methodology for Assessing Tri-Service Personnel Casualties
  • Surviving an Aircraft Crash with Airbag Restraints
  • Pioneer in Survivability—Walter S. Thompson III
Fall 2008 Issue

Fall 2008

"Unmanned Aircraft Systems Survivability"
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  • News Notes
  • JCAT Corner
  • Army Unmanned Aircraft Systems Survivability
  • "Rapid Proto-duction" of the Apache Video from UAS for
    Interoperability Teaming—Level 2 (VUIT-2)
  • Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Survivability and Safety
  • JASP 2008 Survivability Short Course
  • Warfighters Need a Joint Survivability Library
  • Preliminary Evaluation of Damage to Composite Wing
    and Fuselage Structures by Ballistic Impacts
  • 'There's No Such Thing as an Autonomous System' T&E Professionals
    Discuss the Unique Challenges of Unmanned Vehicles
Summer 2008 Issue

Summer 2008

"Space Survivability—Time to Get Serious"
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  • News Notes
  • Spacecraft Survivability Engineering—Project Orion
  • Optical Diagnostics for Ballistic Aircraft Survivability Testing
  • Excellence in Survivability—Gregory Czarnecki
  • Control Surface Vulnerability to MANPADS
  • Satellite Vulnerability to Direct Ascent KE ASAT: Applying Lessons Learned from NASA, Missile Defense, and Aircraft Survivability Programs
  • Effectiveness of Solid Propellant Gas Generators (SPGG) in Engine Nacelle Simulator
  • Paul Deitz Named 2008 Hollis Award Winner
  • Tribute to Joe Hylan
Aircraft Survivability Journal Spring 2008 Graphic

Spring 2008

"An Overview of Aircraft Fire Protection"
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  • LFT&E Director Views
  • Excellence in Survivability—David K. Legg
  • Fire Modeling With the Fire Prediction Model (FPM): Application for Survivability Discipline
  • C-130J Engine Nacelle Fire Extinguishing Evaluation
  • Limiting Oxygen Concentration (LOC) for Dynamic Fuel Tank Applications
  • Annual National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Survivability Awards
  • P-8A Dry Bay Fire Suppression System Development
  • Vulnerability Reduction (VR) Workshop


Aircraft Survivability Journal Summer 2007 Graphic

Summer 2007

"Aircraft Battle Damage and Repair"
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  • Battle Damage Assessment and Repair Capability
    Improvement Program
  • Naval Postgraduate School Establishes New All-Platform Center for Survivability and Lethality
  • Force Protection Evaluation for Combat Aircraft Crews
  • Excellence in Survivability—Douglas Carter
  • Combat Damage Incident Reporting System (CDIRS)
  • What is in a Name?
  • Joint Aircraft Survivability Program (JASP) Fiscal Year 2007 Projects
  • Battle Damage Assessment and Repair (BDAR) Largely Neglected
  • Jim O'Bryon 2007 Hollis Award for Lifetime Achievement in Test and Evaluation


Aircraft Survivability Journal Spring 2007 Graphic

Spring 2007

"Asymetric Threat Survivability"
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  • Asymetric Threat Survivability Workshop
  • NPS Distinguished Professor Emeritus Robert E. Ball Wins Prestigious AIAA Best Book Award
  • Key Performance Parameters (KPPs) for Force Protection of Aircraft Occupants
  • Vulnerability Reduction (VR) Features for Commercial Derivative Combat Aircraft
  • Excellence in Survivability—Stephen Polyak
  • Asymetric Threats and Integrated Survivability Assessment
  • Asymetric Threats Within the System Acquisition Process
  • Lightweight Armor for Military Aircraft
  • Annual NDIA Survivability Awards


Aircraft Survivability Journal Fall 2007 Graphic

Fall 2007

"Live Fire Test and Evaluation"
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  • First National Fire Test and Evaluation (LFT&E) Conference in Over 5 Years: Successful, Productive and Vital
  • An Historic Perspective on Live Fire Test and Evaluation (LFT&E)
  • Joint Live Fire/Aircraft Systems Program
  • H-1 Upgrades Helicopter Live Fire and Evaluation (LFT&E) Program
  • Excellence in Survivability—Mark Stewart
  • CH-53E Joint Live Fire Ballistic Testing
  • F-22 Live Fire Test and Evaluation (LFT&E) Program
  • Lessons Learned from the Implementation of Live Fire Test and Evaluation (LFT&E) Program
  • F-35: First-Ever Fixed Wing Full-Up System Level


Aircraft Survivability Journal Summer 2006 Graphic

Summer 2006

"Susceptibility Reduction"
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  • MANPADS Analysis Methodology Development
  • Joint Combat Assessment Team (JCAT)
  • IR Photonic Bandgap Fibers for Missile Defense
  • Hardy Tyson Excellence in Survivability
  • Black Hawk Pilot's Perspective on Aircraft Survivability
  • The Joint Expendable Countermeasures IPT
  • Survivability of the Next Strike Fighter
  • JASP Report Bibliography
  • Index of Aircraft Survivability Articles 1998-2006



Aircraft Survivability Journal Spring 2006 Graphic

Spring 2006

"Vulnerability Reduction"
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  • Joint Live Fire Detailed Test Plan & Final Report Guide
  • Survivability and Force Protection Key Performance Parameters (KPPs):
    Questions and Answers for the Test & Evaluation (T&E) Community
  • Army Aviation Structures Science & Technology (S&T)—
    Technology for Rotorcraft Vulnerability Reduction (VR)
  • Excellence in Survivability—Alex G. Kurtz
  • Assessment of Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs) Damage Effects on Rotorcraft
  • The Joint Aircraft Survivability Program (JASP)
  • Annual Survivability Awards Presented by the Combat Survivability Division
  • Enhanced Powder Panel Validation
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Vulnerability Reduction Guide


Aircraft Survivability Journal Fall 2006 Graphic

Fall 2006

"Chemical and Biological Design"
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  • Systems Engineering Approach to Chemical/Biological Design
  • F-35 Lightning II Chemical/Biological (CB) Program
  • The Chemical and Biological Defense Information Analysis Center (CBIAC)
  • Threat Effects in Aircraft Combat Survivability DVD Now Available
  • Excellence in Survivability - Daniel C. Cyphers
  • Combat Helicopters - The Ballistic and Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Threat Challenge
  • Large Aircraft Survivability Initiative (LASI)
  • Designing for Survivability
  • Lessons Learned from Live Fire testing Insights - Insights into Designing, Testing, and Operating Combat Systems


Aircraft Survivability Journal Summer 2005 Graphic

Summer 2005

"Survivability Against Man Portable Air Defense Systems"
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  • Large Aircraft Survivability Initiative (LASI)
  • Infrared (IR) Signature Measurements of Large Airplanes
  • Large Aircraft Vulnerability to Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS)
  • Damage Adaptive Control Systems (DACS) for Large Aircraft
  • Excellence in Survivability: Ms. Kellie Unsworth
  • Fuel Tank Explosion Protection (FTEP) for Large Aircraft
  • MANPADS: The Military and Civilian Relationship
  • Developing a Fuel-Tank Inerting System
  • Assessment of Electromagnetic Effects (EME) on Commercial Aircraft
  • The SECAD Project: Vulnerability Reduction via Propulsion Control Logic
  • Evaluating Counter-Tactics to Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS)


Aircraft Survivability Journal Spring 2005 Graphic

Spring 2005

"Transport Aircraft Safety and Survivability"
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  • Improving Commercial Aircraft Safety
  • Airliner Air Force: Survivability for Militarized Commercial Aircraft
  • Improved Fire-Test Criteria for Aircraft Insulation
  • Excellence in Survivability: Dr. Leonard F. Truett, III
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Aircraft Hardening and Airspace Security Research
  • The Transportation Security Administration’s Commercial Aircraft Hardening Program
  • CSI: On the Battlefield
  • Annual Survivability Awards Presented by Combat Survivability Division


Aircraft Survivability Journal Fall 2005 Graphic

Fall 2005

"Unmanned Aircraft Systems"
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  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Survivability Enhancement Workshop
  • Limiting Oxygen Concentrations for Fuel Tank Inerting
  • Addressing Maritime Patrol Aircraft Survivability
  • Excellence in Survivability: Kelly J. Kennedy
  • Joint Live Fire/Aircraft Systems Program (JLF/Air)
  • Survivability Initiatives for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Influence of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Survivability on System Life Cycle Cost



Aircraft Survivability Journal Summer 2004 Graphic

Summer 2004

"Survivability Through Testing"
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  • Innovation in the C–5 LFT&E Program
  • Combined H–60 Helicopter Live Fire Test & Evaluation (LFT&E) and Joint Live Fire (JLF) Programs
  • CH–47F Helicopter Live Fire Test & Evaluation Program
  • USMC H–1 Upgrades Survivability
  • The Fire Prediction Model—Enhancing Analyses of Survivability and Vulnerability
  • C–130 J Live Fire Test & Evaluation (LFT&E) Program Status Report
  • C–130 Avionics Modernization Program (AMP) and LFT&E (Live Fire Test & Evaluation) Program
  • Young Engineer in Survivability: Mr. Frederick Marsh
  • Joint Live Fire/Aircraft Systems Program (JLF/Air)
  • Assessment of Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) Damage Effects on Light Rotorcraft
  • CH–53E to Undergo JLF Testing
  • Predator Wing Ballistic Test
  • F/A–18 JLF Results Used in Design of the F/A–18E/F
  • Combat Survivability Division Presents Annual Survivability Awards
  • Tutorials Popular at Aircraft Survivability 2003
  • Future Combat Systems—The Army’s Survivable Force for the 21st Century


Aircraft Survivability Journal Fall 2004 Graphic

Fall 2004

"Survivability Through Modeling and Simulation"
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  • The Survivability Assessment Subgroup Strategic Plan
  • Survivability/Vulnerability Information Analysis Center (SURVIAC) Modeling Support
  • Joint Accreditation Support Activity (JASA)
  • Young Engineers in Survivability—Ronald M. Dexter
  • Integrated Survivability Assessment (ISA)—An Update
  • Advanced Joint Endgame Model (AJEM)—A New Direction
  • Spacecraft and Aircraft Vulnerability Modeling: Comparisons, Limitations and Challenges
  • NDIA Combat Survivability Division Leadership to Change



Aircraft Survivability Journal Summer 2003 Graphic

Summer 2003

"Advanced Aircraft Survivability Technologies"
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  • Laser-based Infrared Countermeasures for Both Large Aircraft and Helicopters (LAIRCM)
  • MANPADS Characterization Test Provides Modeling Data for Joint Strike Fighter
  • MANPADS Analysis Methodology Development
  • PRISM helps the FBI Keep Aircraft Safe from MANPADS
  • Fragment-Target Flash Experimentsfor the Validation of the Fire Protection Model (FPM)
  • RamGun Provides New Path to Survivable Wingbox Design
  • Dr. J. Michael (Mike) Bennett: Young Engineers in Survivability
  • The Future of Combat Aircraft Survivability
  • Weapons Bay Protection Proof of Concept
  • Recent Successes in Passive Fire Protection
  • USNA Mids Face Off in Survivability Exercise
  • Pilot Brings Battle-Damaged a-10 Home Safely


Aircraft Survivability Journal Spring 2003 Graphic

Spring 2003

"Susceptability Reduction"
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  • The First JASPO Change of Command
  • News Notes
  • Susceptibility Reduction Subgroup Update
  • Test Assesses C–130 Vulnerability to MANPADS
  • The Vexing Problem of Protecting Airliners from MANPADS
  • Aiding Aircraft Survivability—Coherent Electronic Attack
  • Directed Infrared Countermeasures for Tactical Aircraft
  • Army Advanced Infrared Countermeasure Flares
  • Young Engineers in Survivability—Dr. Kristina Langer
  • Aim-Point Biasing—A Balanced Counter-MANPADS Concept
  • Integrated Survivability Assessment
  • Improving Aircraft Survivability to Shoulder-Fired Missiles
  • Joint Services Surrogate Seeker Development
  • New Infrared Signature Measurement Capability at Patuxent River, Maryland
  • Super-Lightweight Thermal Insulation for Rotorcraft
  • 41Evolving and Asymmetric Threats in Military Aviation
  • Improved Infrared Countermeasures with Ultrafine Aluminum
  • NDIA’s Combat Survivability Division Presents Annual Survivability Awards
  • Calendar of Events


Aircraft Survivability Journal Fall 2003 Graphic

Fall 2003

"Reclaiming the Low Altitude Battlespace"
Click here to download the pdf file


  • Next Generation IR Engine Suppression
  • F/A–22 IR Signature Flight Test Model Validation
  • JASPO/NASA Cooperateto Improve Commercial Aviation Security
  • Improving Aircraft Survivability through Implementation of On-Board Inert Gas Generating Systems
  • FY04 Joint Aircraft Survivability Program
  • The F–35 LFT&E Program Update
  • Young Engineers in Survivability—James E. Rhoads
  • Joint Live Fire/Aircraft Systems Program (JLF–Air)
  • New Ways to Locate a Threat
  • Passive Protection of Aircraft Against Fires and Flammable Fluid Deflagrations for Countermeasures Development
  • Rapid Development of Threat Modelsin the C–5 Modernization LFT&E Program
  • Addressing Low Altitude Ballistic Penetration & Fire Prediction
  • Calendar of Events


Aircraft Survivability Journal Summer 2002 Graphic

Summer 2002

"Modeling and Simulation Credibility"
Click here to download the pdf file


  • The M&S Credibility Workshop II: Planning for the Credible Employment of M&S in Acquisition
  • Modeling and Simulation Credibility
  • A Warfighter's Perspective on Aircraft Survivability
  • The PUSH for an Advanced Joint Effectiveness Model (AJEM)
  • Successful Correlation of M&S to Live Fire Test Results for the U.S. Army's SI*IRCM Program
  • Credibility Assessment of MAPADS Hit-Point Predictions
  • 2002 Threat Warheads and Effects Seminar
  • Dry Bay Fire Model Enhancements: Meeting the Difficulty
  • The JSF LFT&E Program
  • Educating Warfighters and Acquisition Professionals on the Fundamentals of Aircraft Survivability Combat through VTC
  • Young Engineers in Survivability—Mr. Jeffery Wuich


Aircraft Survivability Journal Spring 2002 Graphic

Spring 2002

"Integrating Survivability Into 21st Century Design"
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  • Network Centric Warfare as a Survivability Enhancer
  • UAVs and Combat Survivability
  • Combat Data Collection
  • In Sha-E-Kot, Apaches Save the Day—And Their Reputation
  • Modeling the Anti-Helicopter Mine Threat
  • Army Aviation Battlespace—Working the Survivability Challenge
  • Exploring Better Ways To Determine In-Flight Wing Damage
  • Vulnerability Design Discipline
  • Young Engineers in Survivability—Joseph A. Manchor



Aircraft Survivability Journal Fall 2002 Graphic

Fall 2002

"UAVs and Manned Aircraft—Increasing Effectiveness and Survivability"
Click here to download the pdf file


  • Manned and Unmanned Experimentation Enabling Effective Objective Force Operations
  • Tactical UAVs—The Value of Survivability Engineering
  • Aircraft Fire Protection Techniques—Application to UAVs
  • Joint Live Fire/Air Program (JLF)
  • Young Engineers in Survivability—Mr. Dennis S. Lindell
  • Commercial Aircraft Vulnerability Assessment and Threat Mitigation Techniques
  • The Use of Manned Flight Simulators to SUpport Aircraft Vulnerability Studies and Analyses
  • Former Survivability Test Assets Used to Sharpen the SKills of the Warfighter
  • FY03 JTCG/AS Program: An Overview
  • Network Centric Electronic Attack Evaluation—A Methodology


Aircraft Survivability Journal Winter 2001/2002 Graphic

Winter 2001/2002

"Protecting and Integrating Air and Space"
Click here to download the pdf file


  • Protecting Space Services
  • New Concepts in Passive Fire Protection
  • An Insight Into Aerogels—Past, Present, and Future
  • Space Survivability Information Support
  • Commercial Space System Survivability
  • Pioneers of Survivability—Dr. Robert E. Ball
  • Rethinking Safety and Survivability
  • The Joint Live Fire Program
  • Mr. Live Fire Retires
  • MANPADS—Ballistic Test of a Helicopter Composite Generic Tailboom
  • Combat Survivability Division Presents Annual Survivability


Aircraft Survivability Journal Summer 2001 Graphic

Summer 2001

"Science and Technology" Initiatives in Aircraft Survivability"
Click here to download the pdf file


  • The Survivability Revolution at DARPA
  • Survivability/Reliability and the Unmanned Air Vehicle
  • The Low Altitude Battlespace Environment
  • A Short History of Aircraft Survivability
  • The Joint Aircraft Survivability to Man-Portable Air Defense Systems Joint Feasibility Study
  • Pioneers of Survivability—Mr. Michael "Mike" Meyers
  • Aviation Survivability Equipment Overview (ASE)
  • Survivability Engine Controls
  • Army S&T Program for Aircraft Survivability
  • Low Altitude Helicopter Combat Operations



Aircraft Survivability Journal Fall 2001 Graphic

Fall 2001

"Assuring M&S Credibility for Defense Acquisition and T&E"
Click here to download the pdf file

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of the September 11th terrorist attacks and those now fighting to rid the world of this evil. God speed in your quest and God bless the United States of America.


  • Guest Notes—Some Parting Thoughts on Survivability Modeling and Simulation
  • Personal Thoughts to our Colleagues in the M&S Survivability Community
  • Assuring M&S Credibility for Defense Acquisition and T&E
  • Air Force M&S Policy
  • Pioneers of Survivability—David H. Hall
  • Survivability, Lethality and Effectiveness—What's in a Word?
  • The Need for Speed
  • MANPADS Analysis Methodology Development
  • M&S Credibility Workshop—Assuring M&S Credibility for Defense Acquisition and T&E Survivability, Lethality and System Effectiveness
  • National Summit on U.S. Defense Policy: Acquisition, Research, Test and Evaluation
  • M&S Workshop 2002


Aircraft Survivability Journal Winter 2000 Graphic

Winter 2000

"Surviving Space" Ensuring Aerospace Systems Survivability in the Final Frontier
Click here to download the pdf file


  • NDIA Combat Survivability Award Winner—David Bonnesar
  • Surviving Space
  • Spacecraft Survivability to Kinetic Energy Threats
  • Survivability: It's Not Just for Aircraft Anymore
  • Directed Energy Attack on Spacecraft
  • Pioneers of Survivability—Dr. Joel E. Williamsen
  • Natural Hazards of the Space Environment
  • Meteoroid and Orbital Debris Survivability and Vulnerability
  • Aircraft Survivability Equipment & Avionics AAAA Symposium 2000
  • A Synopsis of JTCG/AS & JLF/AS Programs
  • Battle Damage Assessment and Repair (BDAR)


Aircraft Survivability Journal Summer 2000 Graphic

Summer 2000

"Live Fire Test & Evaluation" Advancing Warfighter and Aircraft Survivability
Click here to download the pdf file


  • DOT&E Support for Survivability Testing and Evaluation
  • Tearing the Walls Down to Achieve Greater Aircraft Survivability
  • V-22 Aircraft Battle Damage Repair
  • C-130L Live Fire Test & Evaluation
  • F/8-18E/F Aircraft Live Fire Testing Program
  • National Live Fire Test and Evaluation Workshop
  • Aircraft Crew Casualty Issues
  • CH-47F Chinook (Improved Cargo Helicopter) Live Fire Test and Evaluation
  • Advanced Joint Effectiveness Model
  • Pioneers of Survivability: Donald J. "Jerry" Wallick
  • Professor Ball Receives Art Stein Award


Aircraft Survivability Journal Spring 2000 Graphic

Spring 2000

"Survivability 2000" On A Heading For Success!
Click here to download the pdf file


  • Looking to the Future of the JTCG/AS
  • Supporting the Warfighter…Delivering 21st Century Aviation Solutions Enabling Dominance from the Sea
  • NDIA Aircraft Survivability 1999
  • A "Wizard" for Hydrodynamic Ram Modeling
  • Decoupled Fuel Cells Program—A Story of Success
  • Reducing Next-Generation Engine Vulnerabilities
  • CF3I—A Summary to Date
  • WPAFB Engineer Receives NDIA Combat Survivability Leadership Award
  • Spacecraft—Survivability's Next Frontier
  • The Modeling & Simulation Information Analysis Center
  • Pioneers of Survivability—Dale B. Atkinson
  • MANPADS Study: A Brief Synopsis


Aircraft Survivability Journal Summer 1999 Graphic

Summer 1999

"MANPADS" The Real Threat
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  • Aircraft Vulnerability to MANPADS Weapons
  • Losing Low Altitude Battlespace—The MANPADS Challenge
  • EO/IR SAM's—A Pilot's Perspective
  • National MANPADS Workshop—A Vulnerability Perspective
  • MANPADS Combat History
  • Low Vulnerability Technologies—Building a Balanced Approach
  • National MANPADS Workshop Addresses Three Key Topics
  • MANPADS Survivability Depends on Aircraft Design and Type
  • Defense Acquisition Deskbook and Aerospace Systems Survivability
  • Pioneers of Survivability —James "Jim" Foulk
  • Joint Live Fire Program Tests Full-Up Stinger Missile Against F-14 Tomcat
  • NDIA Combat Survivability Annual Awards


Aircraft Survivability Journal Spring 1999 Graphic

Spring 1999

"Low Observables & Countermeasures" Complementary Capabilities
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  • Lethal and Survivable Air Weapons Systems: Essential Today and Tomorrow
  • Aircraft Survivability: A Balanced Susceptibility Reduction Approach
  • Integrated Low Observables and Countermeasures
  • Pioneers of Survivability—Hubert "Hugh" Drakes
  • Electronic Warfare and Low Observability Technology to Defeat RF and IR Threats
  • The Survivable Rotorcraft
  • Stealth As A Dependent Variable To EW
  • NDIA Aircraft Dire and Explosion Information Exchange Meeting
  • The Synergy of Susceptibility Reduction and Signature Management: A Question of Energy
  • JTCG/AS Industry Advisors Receive Special Honors
  • Active Core Exhaust Control Systems
  • National MANPADS Workshop: A Vulnerability Perspective


Aircraft Survivability Journal Summer 1998 Graphic

Summer 1998

"Joint Live Fire/Live Fire Test"
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  • An Open Letter on Live Fire Testing
  • Aircraft Vulnerability to Man Portable Air Defense Weapons
  • Joint Live Fire Pays Something Back
  • The Case for Full-up Vulnerability Testing of Combat Aircraft
  • Crew Casualties Minimized Through LFT&E Modeling Effort
  • Radio Frequency Weapons—21st Century Threat
  • Better Insensitive Munitions for Aircraft
  • FAA Uncontained Engine Debris Mitigation Program
  • F/A-18E F414 Engine Specification Qualification and Live Fire Test
  • F/A-18E Arrives at NAWCWPNS China Lake to Support Live Fire Testing
  • Army Research Lab's Airbase Range Facility Update
  • Pioneers of Survivability—Gerald "Jerry" Bennett
  • F-22 RAPTOR Live Fire Test and Evaluation
  • Aircraft Survivability Research Facility: A Vital Asset for JLF and LFT&E
  • Army Helicopter Ballistic Vulnerability Testing—Past, Present, and Future


Aircraft Survivability Journal Spring 1998 Graphic

Spring 1998

"Vulnerability Reduction"
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  • NDIA Holds Annual Aircraft Survivability Symposium
  • Vulnerability Reduction Deserves Some Respect
  • 1998 NDIA Combat Survivability Division Awards
  • 1997 NDIA Combat Survivability Division Awards
  • Reducing Chemical, Biological and Radiological Vulnerability Through Design
  • Aircraft Vulnerability: A Survey of Combat and Peacetime Experience
  • V-22 Success Story: Gas Generator Fire Extinguishing System Technology
  • Integrated Survivability Assessment: Measuring the Balance
  • Flight System Integration Effects On Aircraft Vulnerability
  • Boeing 747 Explosive Test
  • Designing Digital Avionics Systems for Reduced Vulnerability
  • Assessing the Disk Burst Threat
  • Treating Aircraft Vulnerability in Campaign—Level Assessments
  • New Threat/New Challenges
  • JTCG/AS Goes "On the Record" At TWA 800 Crash Hearing
  • Alternatives to Halon: A Status Report


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